Important GO’s for Estimates Preparation

Guidelines on Estimates:

Issues of Builders Association of India (AP Center) related to civil works in PR Department – Certain Guidelines – Orders were issued vide GoMs.No.23, Dt:11.02.2014.

Seigniorage Charges

System improvements and Addition of Overhead Charges and Contractor’s Profit on Seigniorage Charges  certain instructions were issued vide GoMs.No.83, Dt:05.08.2015.

Entrustment of Works

Entrustment and Contract Management of works Execution and rationalize the process and Orders were issued vide GoMs.No.08, Dt:30.01.2017.

Price Variation on Materials

Price Adjustment  process, Comprehensive Orders on Price Adjustment Calculations applicable to all
the Departments, Institutions, Corporations and Universities Orders were issued vide GoMs.No.62, Dt:30.11.2021.

Model RWS Estimates:

The Following are the model estimates for preparation of DPRs and Estimates based on year of SSR wise.

SSR – 2019-20 :

Please download the model RWS estimate with SSR 2019-20 with the below link

SSR – 2020-21 :

Please download the model RWS estimate with SSR 2020-21 with the below link

SSR – 2021-22 :

Please download the model RWS estimate with SSR 2021-22 with the below link


Note: The above Model RWS Estimates for educational Purposes Only.

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